problems with ghc-6.8.2-powerpc-apple-darwin.tar.bz2 from GHC home page

Sean Leather leather at
Tue Feb 12 14:43:29 EST 2008

Hi Chris,

It is my habit to compile the Setup.hs or Setup.lhs to "setup" with "ghc
> --make
> Setup.hs -o setup".
> The "./setup configure ..." is working.
> The "./setup build" causes a segmentation fault.  This is for every
> project I
> try (including ones with very default Setup.hs contents).  The
> Cabal-
> used is supplied by the binary distribution of ghc 6.8.2

I tried the same thing and got the same result. Could it be a problem with
how Cabal itself was built instead of GHC?

So I sadly say there is still no working ghc 6.8.x for powerpc Leopard.

I guess you're right.

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