Some problems writing a threaded program

Don Stewart dons at
Sun Feb 10 22:28:46 EST 2008

>    I am running my program in WinXP with ghc 2.6.8
>    If you install netstat and change the parameters it should still work in
>    linux.
>    Why does thread # 3 dominate over the over threads int the output?
>    Why does thread # 4 never seem to run?
>    I can't use the sleep function in System.Process.Win32 since it puts all
>    the
>    threads asleep at the same time.  Is there a way to put only one thread
>    asleep?
>    That would allow more of a chance for thread #4 to run.

There is 'threadDelay' and 'yield' if you need to either sleep a thread,
or explicitly trigger a scheduler event.

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