GHC armel port for N810

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Wed Feb 6 22:12:27 EST 2008


I was able to make an unregisterised port of GHC 6.8.2 to the N810 by using
Scratchbox with the qemu-arm-eabi patch[1].  Have you started on a
registerised port?  I have been reading the ARM Architecture Reference
Manual and other documents about the ARM ABI, and I am working on a
registerised port of GHC for the N810.


On Jan 23, 2008 7:32 AM, Martin Guy <martinwguy at> wrote:

> > I've been working on porting GHC to armel for the Nokia N810.
> > Unfortunately, I can't use the packages you made because the OS
> > ( is based on Debian Sarge and uses libc-2.5.  I'm using
> > scratchbox ( and qemu and following the instructions at
> > , but have
> > been unsuccessful.  The stage1 compiler compiles fine, but then crashes
> > when building the stage2 compiler on qemu.  I've tried GHC 6.4.2, 6.6.1,
> > and 6.8.2, but 6.6.1 is the version I get furthest with.  Is there any
> > tips you can give me?  Do you still have the intermediate .hc files from
> > your builds? (The .hc files built on a ARM might work better.)  Did you
> > have similar problems with qemu?
> I used a fast x86 to make the .hc files, as documented in the URL you
> cite,
> then did the final build on a lot of real ARMs. The problem is it
> needs over 128MB RAM (yes, RAM) to compile some of the files - I did
> these few under QEMU. My personal notes are attached - these are not a
> product, they are my own personal notes, so please don't expect them
> to be a how-to. Porting GHC was difficult and not straightforward,
> dying at many stages for many different reasons.
> The real answer is for Maemo to update its software to versions from
> this century.
> I did this in 2006 trying to bootstrap the Debian arm EABI port and my
> notes are at
> For further help with this, I suggest we find a mailing list where
> others can give their expertise and experience, and where in future
> people will find the outcome of our discussion. How about
> ?
> Good luck!
>    M
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