Bootstrapping for Leopard

Philip Hölzenspies p.k.f.holzenspies at
Sun Feb 3 12:12:35 EST 2008

On Feb 3, 2008, at 5:35 PM, Ian Lynagh wrote:
> I think there are some files that are meant to be missing; you can
> ignore the tar warnings/errors about them.
> I'm not sure what they are OTTOMH - possibly debug, prof, debug_prof  
> etc
> variants of AutoApply.

Dear Ian, All,

They are indeed variants of AutoApply, but to simply ignore the tar  
error does not seem like a good idea. Tar terminates upon these errors  
and other stuff gets added to the hc-files-to-go later on in the  
Makefile. IMHO, if indeed these files are not required, the makefile  
should read:

for f in `$(FIND) ghc-$(ProjectVersion)/compiler ghc-$(ProjectVersion)/ 
rts -name "*.cmm" -follow -print` ""; do\
	fd="`echo $$f | sed 's/cmm$$/hc/g'`; \
	if test "x$$f" != "x" -a -e "$$fd"; then \
		echo $fd >> hc-files-to-go; \
	fi; \

I don't know whether the -a argument for test is "common" test syntax,  
but it should give a logical. The -e option tests that "$$fd" exists  
and is a file.


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