FFI imported function names

Daniil Elovkov daniil.elovkov at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 24 11:19:03 EST 2008

Mm, actually I didn't change the calling convention ffi imports when I
thought I did. I tried to do it through defines...

Well, by explicitly saying ccall I get the names without @<n>
decoration. And it all links well. But I get segault when I run the
code, which should mean that calling conventions didn't match.

Actually I found some ramblings on the internet that there's something
wrong with libmysql.dll and libmysql.lib in this respect, but they
were from 2004.

Thus the question: how do I link against a lib file in ghc? When I say
-lmysql on command line it strictly searches for dll and complains if
it's not found. Adding lib exlpicitly on the cmd line doesn't seem to
have any effect.


2008/12/24 Daniil Elovkov <daniil.elovkov at googlemail.com>:
> Hello
> How is decided whether the name of imported function gets the ending
> of the form @4 in ghc?
> I'm having this problem on Windows trying to use HSQL MySQL on windows.
> I compile HSQL Oracle backend and I get names without that. It's ok.
> With HSQL MySQL I get names with that stuff. It prevents me from
> further linking to dll. Supplying in the ghc command-line the "lib"
> file where names have those marks doesn't have any effect.
> The linker says that fname at NN cannot be resolved.
> Can I control that?
> The ffi calling convention doesn't (and shouldn't as I understand)
> affect this. The only difference is that in the case of mysql the
> header file itself where functions are described marks it STDCALL. Is
> that the reason?
> Also I changed ffi import line from "hsmysql.h func" to just "func",
> to no avail.
> ghc 6.8.2
> I'm lost. Please help.
> --
> Daniil Elovkov

Daniil Elovkov

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