Version control systems

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Wed Aug 13 05:26:30 EDT 2008

As someone who is not contributing to the core libraries I find a few
things in this discussions a bit puzzlng.

- Why does NHC98 break so often? Is it because people are checking in
code that is not Haskell 98 compatible?

- It seems to me that implementations "share" libraries using CPP. At
least there are plenty of if-defs on symbols like __HUGS__ in the
implementation. That seems like a bad approach to me. It doesn't
factor out the specifics of an implementation to one place but instead
litters the code with it making it hard to read and change without
breaking it. I would imagine that this slows down library development.
You could compare it to a scenario where Windows and Linux shared
their libc implementation!

If it's so difficult to share code without continuously breaking the
build then we're better of keeping the code separate.

I might have gotten this wrong so could someone please explain to me
what exactly is the problem and why we are in this situation?

Thank you,


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