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Jason Dagit dagit at
Mon Aug 11 14:22:25 EDT 2008

2008/8/11 Thomas Schilling <nominolo at>

> (I am also no longer convinced that Darcs' automatic patch dependency
> calculations are actually a good idea.  Just because two patches don't touch
> the same files, doesn't mean they aren't semantically dependent.  Take for
> example "monadification" patches, which are typically submitted split up for
> each file.  A branch captures those dependencies just fine.)

Darcs has a feature to deal with patches that are unrelated in patch theory
but are related from the user's point of view.  When you record you can use
--ask-deps to specify dependent patches.  These dependencies are then
artificially enforced in commute (where dependencies are normally detected).

Note: I'm not trying to advocate anything here, I just wanted to let you
know that others noticed this and added a feature for it long ago.

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