Version control systems

Sittampalam, Ganesh ganesh.sittampalam at
Mon Aug 11 03:05:08 EDT 2008

Brandon S Allbery wrote:

> On 2008 Aug 10, at 20:17, Norman Ramsey wrote:

> > For the last year I have been hoping to make 'a new darcs-like
> > with a real theory founding it' an important part (one of three) of
> > grant proposal in distributed computing.  So you can see I am in
> > of spending money to create a better darcs (which is not quite the 
> > same thing as making darcs better; I want to start with a new

> Can you elucidate what's wrong with the current one?

Noone knows how to formalise it, and (AFAIK) only David understands the
new conflicts handling, and hasn't managed to completely communicate
that understanding to anyone else.


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