Version control systems

Don Stewart dons at
Sat Aug 9 15:06:51 EDT 2008

> Ian Lynagh:
> >On Fri, Aug 08, 2008 at 12:04:15PM +1000, Manuel M T Chakravarty  
> >wrote:
> >>
> >>I seriously hope the plan is to move all *core* libraries (including
> >>GHC's cabal repo) etc over to git, too.  In other word, everything
> >>that you need to build the development version of GHC should come via
> >>git.  Having a mix of VCSs would be the worst option of all.
> >
> >No, the plan is to move only the GHC and testsuite repos to git, as  
> >the
> >others are also used by hugs, nhc98, etc.
> >
> >It would be possible to move GHC's Cabal repo over too, as that is
> >private to GHC, but given the other libraries will be using darcs  
> >anyway
> >I think it is simpler to keep all darcs repos using the same VCS.
> I think all *core* libraries must switch.  Seriously, requiring GHC  
> developer to use a mix of two vcs during development is a Very Bad  
> Idea.

I agree with this. 

As Audrey says, you have to lower the barrier to entry. That means:

    * one build system 
    * one vcs

to build ghc (and anything it requires, such as the core libraries).

This is a chance to make a big step towards accessibility, let's make that step.

-- Don

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