somewhat OT: maybe useful git script "git-test-merge"

Marc Weber marco-oweber at
Thu Aug 7 05:44:33 EDT 2008

Hi @ll,

I'd like to tell you about a small script I've written to make life
easier with git:

git clone git://
It remembers test merge setups so that you can merge different feature
branches by typing:

        $ gtm set setup1 branch1 remotes/branch2 branch3
        $ gtm update setup1
        $ gtm continue      # after resolving conflicts

To remove brances from the setup you have to edit .git/config

Additionally it uses a commit message warning about it beeing a test
merge only.

Unfortunately I don't know a nice way to share the git-rerere cache yet
which remembers conflict resolutions automatically.

It works best on orthogonal branches of course :)

Read about Linus complaint in man git-rerere to find out why I've
written this script

Sincerly Marc Weber

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