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Liang Guang jimmyguang2005 at
Fri Apr 18 18:20:32 EDT 2008

Thanks! It is a very helpful hint..
  I didnot find the profiling library for ghc-6.8.2, so I installed ghc661-prof, but the yum ( i use fedora 8) installed the latest ghc-6.8.2, so they end up in different directories..
  now it is working.

Daniel Fischer < at> wrote:
  Am Freitag, 18. April 2008 22:14 schrieb Liang Guang:
> Hi!
> the ghc compiler keeps complaing " can't find module 'Char', perhaps you
> haven't installed the profiling libraries for package haskell98?". but
> actually I did install it, and i checked with ghc -v , it is right there:
> "wired-in package haskell98 mapped to haskell98-", and Char.hi is
> right there in the folder haskell98- can't figure out why it
> happened.. anyone please ?
> Thanks!
> Liang

On second reading, ghc asks for profiling libraries for haskell98, that would 
mean you should look for Char.p_hi. If there are no *.p_hi files in the 
folder, that library wasn't built for profiling and you should do that then,

runghc ./Setup.hs configure -p
runghc ./Setup.hs build
runghc ./Setup.hs haddock
runghc ./Setup.hs install

Hope this helps,

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