Using GHC API to generate STG

Mark Wassell mwassell at
Tue Apr 15 06:27:28 EDT 2008


I am looking at how GHC generates STG and I am finding with a very 
simple piece of Haskell my usage of the API is not generating as much 
STG as I see when using -dump-stg option. In particular it  isn't 
generating a binding for the nullary constructor LNull (I hope that's 
the correct terminology)

The code is

module Ex2 where

data List a = LCon a (List a) | LNull -- deriving Show

main :: List Int
main = LCon 1 LNull

Using the API I get

[sat_s1pdQ = NO_CCS GHC.Base.I#! [1];
 Ex2.main = NO_CCS Ex2.LCon! [sat_s1pdQ Ex2.LNull];
 main = \u srt:SRT:[(s1pdS, Ex2.main)] [] Ex2.main;]

with -ddump-stg I get

a_r5Y = NO_CCS GHC.Base.I#! [1];
SRT(a_r5Y): []
Ex2.main = NO_CCS Ex2.LCon! [a_r5Y Ex2.LNull];
SRT(Ex2.main): []
Ex2.LCon = \r [eta_s67 eta_s68] Ex2.LCon [eta_s67 eta_s68];
SRT(Ex2.LCon): []
Ex2.LNull = NO_CCS Ex2.LNull! [];   <---- This is missing
SRT(Ex2.LNull): []

(in particular the Ex2.LNull is missing from the API STG)

My thrown together API code is

        session <- GHC.newSession $ Just path
        (dflags,_) <- GHC.getSessionDynFlags session >>= 
        GHC.setSessionDynFlags session dflags {GHC.hscTarget=GHC.HscAsm}
        core <- GHC.compileToCore session fp
        case core of
              Just core' -> do
                              core'' <- corePrepPgm dflags core' []
                              stg <- coreToStg  
(PackageConfig.stringToPackageId "Ex2") core''
                              putStrLn $ (show $ (ppr stg) 
              Nothing -> return ()


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