Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Mon Apr 14 11:14:33 EDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 12:52:33PM +0200, Niklas Broberg wrote:
> >  how can I convince the Language.Haskell.Parser to accept "GHC Haskell"
> >  (i.e., -fglasgow-exts, e.g. for existential types)
> You use my haskell-src-exts package instead. :-)

Hi Niklas,
nice to meet you.

And even nicer to see how well your library is supported :)

I'm planning to extend shim to get a more featured ide (vim / emacs..
Maybe the Eclipse supporters do join as well?)

One thing I'd like to add is adding modules/ import statements to a
Do you think your' parsers / resulting abstract syntax tree is suited
to add some import statements? Or do you suggest hacking my own fuzzy 

Is it easy to explain the main difference between your output and the
output produced by the GHC parser?

Marc Weber

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