ANN: prof2dot, a graphical profiling tool

Gregory Wright gwright at
Wed Apr 2 02:17:40 EDT 2008

Hi Cristian,

On Apr 1, 2008, at 11:03 AM, Cristian Perfumo wrote:

> I was wondering if it handles per-thread information when you have  
> more than one thread involved. (Actually the question is not related  
> to the graphical tool, but the announcement triggered it).

The prof2dot tool only knows about the information that is in the  
profiling dump file.  IIRC,
cost centers are not associated with threads in this file.  (The  
format isn't documented, but
it is not hard to figure out, given a look at the code that generates  

Is recording the thread in which a cost was incurred really helpful?   
If it is, I could look into
adding it.  But are you more interested in a graphical representation  
of thread execution ---
which threads are executing and when?  You should check if any of the  
Glasgow Parallel Haskell tools are close to what you want.  If so, it  
might be less
work to resurrect one of those.

Best Wishes,

> Best.
> Cristian
> 2008/3/8 Gregory Wright <gwright at>:
> I am pleased to announce the first release of prof2dot, a graphical  
> profiling tool
> for use with GHC.
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