Mac GHC binary

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Thu Sep 6 05:13:10 EDT 2007

Hi Jeff,

I think, there's only a problem when the GNUreadline framework is only
in your home directory and when you want to link your own binary.

Correct me if you also have a problem if the framework is globally
installed in /Library/Frameworks.

Indeed a framework entry is missing in the package.conf. But I doubt if
a generic entry using $HOME would work. So this entry could only be set
at installation time for a single user (and I don't know how).

In fact, for linking we use the additional ghc flags:

 -optl-F$HOME/Library/Frameworks -optl-framework -optlGNUreadline

These flags could be put in top-level script for ghc (in bindir).

Does anyone have a better idea?

Cheers Christian

P.S, I hope it's ok for you, if I forward this to
glasgow-haskell-users at, too

Jeff Lewis wrote:
> Hi Christian:
>     A few people here have tried using your binary Mac OS X build of
> GHC.  There's one problem we've run into.  The readline package doesn't
> work out of the box.  It seems to be necessary to add `-framework
> GNUreadline'.  This shouldn't be necessary.  I'd guess that there's a
> missing `frameworks' entry in the package description.
> --Jeff

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