Help with Building on Mac OS X Leopard

R Hayes rfhayes at
Wed Oct 31 22:53:02 EDT 2007

What resembles an old issue has reappeared when building HEAD on  

The build of the stage two compiler fails with:

ld: in  /Users/rfh/3rdParty/builds/ghc-6.9.20071028/libraries/ 
haskell98/dist/build/libHShaskell98-1.0.1.a, archive has no table of  

This happens when the modify time on library is later than the  
timestamp on the library index.  It's not an uncommon issue for  
building software on the Mac.  The usual cause is builds that copy .a  
files and are unaware of this mac feature.

Running ranlib on libHShaskell98-1.0.1.a file and resuming the make  
causes the build to continue until it gets to the next .a file.

ld: in /Users/rfh/3rdParty/builds/ghc-6.9.20071028/libraries/array/ 
dist/build/libHSarray-0.1.a, archive has no table of contents

It seems this problem has occurred before.  My guess is that a work- 
around was put in place that no longer works on Leopard.  I'm not sure  
exactly where to look in the Make system.  Any pointers would be  

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