Case of "Language" pragma - bug?

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Subject: Case of "Language" pragma - bug?

I'm using GHC 6.6.1.  The manual says:

"Pragmas all take the form {-# word ... #-} where word indicates the type of
pragma, and is followed optionally by information specific to that type of
pragma. Case is ignored in word."

However, when I use "Language CPP" instead of "LANGUAGE CPP" in the pragma,
the pragma is ignored.  Is this a documentation bug?

The interesting question is which way it should work.  Obviously the
documentation should match the code, but it isn't obvious (at least to me)
whether it's better to modify the documentation or to change the behavior of
the code.

Is the behavior the same in the latest ghc release?

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To test the problem, one can use "ghc --make testpragma1.hs" and "ghc --make
testpragma2.hs" on the following:

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