Status of exception handling

Florian Weimer fw at
Sun Oct 21 17:30:16 EDT 2007

What's the status of exception handling?  A couple of years ago, I think
it wasn't clear how to do that in the Haskell context.  Are there any
GHC extensions which provide means to retry on temporary errors, without
passing too much status around?

I've seen on the Wiki that backtraces are still an issue.  I understand
that the execution environment doesn't really provide them at reasonable
cost, but I wonder if there are any tools to figure out, based on a core
dump, why the exception was raised.  I don't really need a traditional
backtrace for that, I think.  Information where the program would go
next would be equally helpful, as long as it's possible to get to a
piece of use-written code that is somewhat near the place where the
actual bug lies.  Even something as terse as Perl's error messages would
better than nothing.  (Perl's error reporting optionally uses the
location of the first cross-module caller to pinpoint the error message;
this is not necessarily close to the error, but better than pointing to
an internal location.)

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