Haddocumentation of 6.8.1

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Fri Nov 30 09:23:04 EST 2007

Yesterday, doing runghc ./Setup.hs haddock in zlib., I noticed that no 
Haddock docs have been built for my 6.8.1.
I followed the usual building steps, which worked with previous GHCs, set 
XMLDocWays=html, then
make install
make install-docs

No library docs (users guide and Cabal manual are fine). I looked around in a 
couple of Makefiles, tried 'make doc' in libraries, that built docs, but 
Haddock couldn't make any cross-package links and  libraries/index.html links 
to package/Package-Name.html, which doesn't exist, because it's 

Question 1: How do I get proper library documentation?
Question 2: When I build a package via Cabal, is there a way to merge the 
documentation into the installed library docs (and if yes, how do I do it)?

Feature request: Could the README in future please contain information on how 
to build library documentation properly?


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