GHC porting to FreeBSD-amd64 progress report

W.B. Kloke wb at
Thu Nov 29 05:58:01 EST 2007

In my effort to produce a working FreeBSD-amd64 compiler I made some
progress. Now I have a working stage1/ghc-inplace (which is a 32bit
executable producing 64bit code). But the compilation of rts fails in
file Apply.cmm with the following message:

== gmake all -r;
 in /.amd_mnt/vestein/host/usr/home/wb/ghc-6.8.1/rts
../compiler/ghc-inplace -H16m -O -optc-O2 -package-name rts -static -I../gmp/gmpbuild -I. -#include HCIncludes.h -dcmm-lint     -c Apply.cmm -o Apply.o

In file included from Apply.cmm:13:0: 

     error: #error mp_limb_t != StgWord: assumptions in PrimOps.cmm are now false
gmake[1]: *** [Apply.o] Error 1
gmake: *** [stage1] Error 1

This is, of course, because the derived constants SIZEOF_mp_limb_t is wrong.
Is there a way to get to a working system from this intermediate stage?

I tried to replace the real 32bit ghc in /usr/local/bin/ghc  with a
ghc-inplace, but this didn't work. Probably I only need to get the
correct derived constants in the header files and remake the files
depending on them.
Dipl.-Math. Wilhelm Bernhard Kloke
Institut fuer Arbeitsphysiologie an der Universitaet Dortmund
Ardeystrasse 67, D-44139 Dortmund, Tel. 0231-1084-257

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