ghci changing 'm' to 'g'

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Thu Nov 22 07:57:23 EST 2007

Sigbjorn wrote:
> This was a hack to work around similar behaviour when starting up GHCi,
> Notice that my workaround is only applied upon startup, not in the REPL. =>
> floating the hackery inward could just save the day. "


Simon Marlow wrote:
> The underlying bug is in the Windows CRT, or perhaps a deeper level.

Perhaps. But eval-print loop shells in other languages do
not seem to exhibit this problem afaik, so there must be
some way to do it. E.g., glancing through the source code
of the Python interpreter, they don't seem to do anything
special. They flush like we do, and they set O_BINARY,
and that's about it I think. Unless I missed something.


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