label syntax vs DisambiguateRecordFields

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Nov 22 03:43:35 EST 2007

| Nice feature but feel like a band-aid.  In particular it makes SYB style
| programming more difficult because field labels aren't types.
| Almost every other record syntax plan involves field labels as types so
| you can do interesting type dispatch.

Record systems are indeed an interesting area.  You might like to contribute to the discussion centred here:

| Tracking these open issues:
| * too many pragma declarations
| * recursive deriving
| * labels
| * : for reload in ghci
| * not reloading all the modules on :r

Discussing these issues by email is an excellent way to characterise the issue and evolve a proposed design.  But the way to track them is to use Trac -- so do go ahead and submit bug reports and/or feature requests.


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