ghci changes in 6.8 that are not improvements

Alex Jacobson alex at
Wed Nov 21 14:33:46 EST 2007

Simon Marlow wrote:
> Alex Jacobson wrote:
>> 1. just using : at the prompt caused a reload.  Now you have to type :r.
> Interesting, I was not aware of that behaviour, so probably fixed it by 
> accident :)

Yeah, Igloo said the same thing.  Everyone I talked to about the feature 
didn't know about it until I pointed it out.  If it was an accident, it 
was still a really useful feature and would love to have it back.

>> 2. reload now reloads all modules rather than just the modules that 
>> changed (faster but not as fast as not reloading them at all).
> That is certainly not intentional, and I don't see that behaviour here. 
> Can you give us code and steps to reproduce?

$ darcs get
$ cd HAppS-Begin
$ curl > SearchPath.hs
$ ghc --make SearchPath.hs -o sp
$ sp ghci -ihaskell haskell/Main.hs
Prelude> :r

Also, HAppS.Server.Facebook takes forever to compile.  I don't 
understand why.


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