Exposed module still hidden, why?

J. Garrett Morris trevion at
Tue Nov 20 15:31:39 EST 2007

As I understand it, Cabal hides all packages by default.  If a package
is not in your dependencies, it won't be available to the build, no
matter the status in ghc-pkg.

(Incidentally, this had neat consequences in the past, since it means
that packages being hidden in ghc-pkg also does not make them
unavailable to cabal.  I spent some time at a previous employer
attempt to debug a build failure where it turned out that the
developer experiencing the failure had not pulled all the changes.  In
particular, we had packages A, B, and C, where C depended on A and B,
and B depended on A.  The developer had pulled updates to A and C, but
not B.  A built and installed a new version, hiding B (which was based
on an old version).  The developer the build C.  Cabal started with
everything hidden, then revealed A and B as specified by C's cabal
file, and the predictable build failures resulted.  I have not tried
this with GHC/Cabal builds since 6.4.2, so this is probably no longer


On Nov 20, 2007 2:18 PM, Greg Fitzgerald <garious at> wrote:
> Using GHC 6.8.1 on Windows XP, after having used ghc-pkg to expose
> 'directory-', I am getting an error when I build haddock that says
> the package is hidden.  When I type "ghc-pkg list", the package is not in
> parenthesis.  Typing "ghc -v" says that it is using the file from
> "C:\ghc\ghc- 6.8.1\package.conf".  That package.conf file has the 'exposed'
> set to True for that file.  Why does GHC still think the package is hidden?
> ...\haddock-0.8>runhaskell Setup.lhs configure
> Configuring haddock-0.8...
> ...\haddock-0.8>runhaskell Setup.lhs build
> Preprocessing executables for haddock-0.8...
> shift/reduce conflicts:  5
> Building haddock-0.8...
> src/Main.hs:49:7:
>     Could not find module `System.Directory':
>       it is a member of package directory-, which is hidden
> ...\haddock-0.8>ghc-pkg list
> C:/ghc/ghc-6.8.1\package.conf:
>     Cabal-, HUnit-, OpenGL-, QuickCheck-,
>     Win32-, array-, base-, bytestring-,
>     cgi-3001.1.5.1, containers-, directory-, fgl-,
>     filepath-, (ghc-6.8.1), haskell-src-,
>     haskell98- , hpc-, html-, mtl-,
>     network-, old-locale-, old-time-,
>     packedstring-, parallel-, parsec-,
>     pretty-, process-, random- ,
>     regex-base-, regex-compat-, regex-posix-,
>     rts-1.0, stm-, template-haskell-, time-,
>     xhtml-3000.0.2.1
> Thanks,
> Greg
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