Windows overlapped IO

Felix Martini fmartini at
Thu Nov 15 11:33:53 EST 2007

I have made a prototype for overlapped IO that works with a modified
version of Takano Akio's SSC library. I have been trying to add it to
GHC's IO implementation but there are some issues. Instead of file
descriptors windows handles are needed. The GHC handle implementation
is currently based around fd's and many functions would need a
separate windows API version. In some cases there is no simple
conversion of existing functionality like the binary/text modes. An
additional complication is that Haskell handles can be a lot of things
other than files. Finally, a threaded rts is needed for the worker
pool that processes the IO completions, so the current single threaded
IO support must also remain.

So for now i am focusing on testing and improving the prototype with a
separate IO library.

Best regards,

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