Extensible Records

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Mon Nov 12 09:30:31 EST 2007


>I'm happy to see a Wiki page to summarise and contrast different approaches; that seems like a 
>constructive >thing to do.  (Email discussions tend to evaporate and then be repeated.)   A useful 
>thing to do would be to >give a series of use-cases, or examples, showing the kinds of thing one 
>would like to be able to do.  Then you >can classify the approaches by what examples they can 

i've added a link to the current version of my Data.Record
(previously listed as "Poor Man's Records), which supports
just about all operations that have been mentioned so far,
including scoped labels, Has/Lacks, or the generalised
extension-safe operations and predicates Barney prefers.

and we still do not need the order on the field labels that
plagues most other extensible record libraries (i'm quite
amazed myself, and expect bug reports!-).

i've also added the three language and implementation
features i consider most important to make library-based
extensible records useable in practice (none of which
happen to be specific to records, btw;-).

in trying to be comprehensive (mostly to explore the
limitations of my approach), my code is not as simple
and clean as the type families version. i don't want to
duplicate the in-file comments on the wiki page for
maintenance reasons, but i append them below, for
the curious.


   poor man's extensible and concatenable records

   supporting both scoped and unique label records

     class Label label  | record field labels
     label := value     | record fields


     rec `Lacks` label  | lacks predicate: record lacks field label
     rA `Disjoint` rB   | record disjointness: records share no field labels

   scoped records operations:

     field :# rec       | record extension
     rec #? label       | field selection
     rec #- label       | field removal
    (rec #! label) val  | field update: update field label with value
    (rec #@ old) new    | field renaming: rename existing field label old to new
     recA ## recB       | symmetric record concatenation
     recA #^ recB       | left-biased record field type intersection
     recA #^^ recB      | left-biased record field label intersection
     recA #& recB       | record projection: for each recB field, select matching recA field

   other record operations:

     field !:# rec      | strict record extension: no duplicate field labels
     rec !#- label      | strict field removal: remove existing field label from rec
    (rec !#! label) val | strict field update: update existing field label with value
     recA !## recB      | symmetric disjoint record concatenation
     recA !#& recB      | strict record projection: permute recA to match recB


      class Label l where label :: l
      class Has label rec lbool | label rec -> lbool
      class Lacks rec label
      class Disjoint recA recB

      label :: (Label l) => l
      (:=) :: label -> value -> label := value

      (:#) :: field -> record -> field :# record
      (!:#) :: (Lacks rec label) => (label := val) -> rec -> (label := val) :# rec

      (#?) :: (Select label val rec) => rec -> label -> val

      (#-) :: (Remove label rec rec') => rec -> label -> rec'
      (!#-) :: (Has label rec LTrue, Remove label rec rec') => rec -> label -> rec'

      (#!) :: (Remove label rec rec') => rec -> label -> value -> (label := value) :# rec'
      (!#!) :: (Has label rec LTrue, Remove label rec rec')
            => rec -> label -> value -> (label := value) :# rec'

      (#@) :: (Remove label1 rec rec', Select label1 val rec)
           => rec -> label -> label1 -> (label := val) :# rec'

      (##) :: (Concat recA recB recAB) => recA -> recB -> recAB
      (!##) :: (recA `Disjoint` recB, Concat recA recB recAB) => recA -> recB -> recAB

      (#^) :: (Intersect recA recB recAB) => recA -> recB -> recAB
      (#^^) :: (Intersect' recA recB recAB) => recA -> recB -> recAB

      (#&) :: (Project recA recB) => recA -> recB -> recB
      (!#&) :: (Project' recA recB) => recA -> recB -> recB

   see main at the bottom for examples of use.

   please let me know of any practically relevant missing operations

   Claus Reinke

   February 2006:
     submitted to support proposal for first class labels in Haskell'

   November 2007:
    added many more operations and predicates, replaced pairs with
    symbolic constructors, added strict operations

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