Building a prelude

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Wed Nov 7 10:33:49 EST 2007

You probably need to compile with -package-name base.  When you compiled Err.lhs-boot you need to say that it belongs to package base.


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| Subject: Building a prelude
| Is it possible to build Prelude from scratch. Or just some modules
| like GHC.Base.
| For example when I do
| % ghcjs-inplace.bat -fglasgow-exts -fjavascript -cpp -c Err.lhs-boot
| % ghcjs-inplace.bat -fglasgow-exts -fjavascript -cpp -c Base.lhs
| I've got this error:
| Base.lhs:94:0:
|     Bad interface file: C:/Program Files/Visual Haskell\imports/GHC/Err.hi-boot
|         Something is amiss; requested module  base:GHC.Err differs from name
| found in the interface file main:GHC.Err
| What can I do to overcome this.
| Really what I want is to build some runtime system for my
| ghc-derived-javascript-compiler. And to embed JavaScript integers into
| it. I understand that I need to write some primitive operations in
| JavaScript like addition. I can build some numerals on the top of
| Haskell, but I'd like to get access to underlying javascript features
| and integers is a good point to start. Can you recommend me some
| strategy or smth?
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| vir
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