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Hi Brian,

  the documentation is available at
.  It has nothing to do with ILX code generator.  ILX codegen was an
old project run by Don Syme (dsyme at



On 5/30/07, Brian Alliet <brian at> wrote:
> On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 11:45:33AM -0300, Monique Monteiro wrote:
> > simpler way to integrante new backends?  I worked at Haskell.NET
> > project in the past, when we integrated successfully a .NET code
> > generator to GHC 6.2.2.
> Do you have any documentation or papers or anything about your .NET
> codegen? Is it the same (somewhat bitrotted) ILX codegen that exists in
> the current GHC tree? I'm actually working on a new GHC backend too and
> would be interested seeing yours.
> > in GHC's code!  I haven't yet figured out how to call the .NET code
> > generator from GHC 6.6.1's main function.
> You'll probably want to look at hscCompile in main/HscMain.lhs. From
> there you can pick up either the Core, Core-Prepped, or STG
> representation of the module and pass it off to your backend. If by
> chance you want the C-- rep (although that probably won't be too useful
> for a .NET backend) you'll want codeOutput in main/CodeOutput.lhs.
> -Brian

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