ghc-6.6.1 for FreeBSD/amd64 binary distribution

Gregory Wright gwright at
Wed May 30 09:54:59 EDT 2007


I have put a binary distribution of ghc-6.6.1 for FreeBSD/amd64

No documentation or ghci.  The former might be easily remedied although
using FreeBSD's docbook chain, as suggested in the wiki, fails when  
to generate printable docs. The latter seems to be a bigger project  
since my
naive interpretation of the problem is that we need data relocations  
a 2GB boundary.

The binary works well enough to build itself and darcs.  There are  
only sixteen
unexpected test suite failures thus far.  I am ignoring these for the  
moment while
I get back to thinking about ghci.

Note that you need to install libgmp to use the compiler.  libgmp  
from the
ports collection works fine.

Best Wishes,

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