capabilities of GHC API

Frederik Eaton frederik at
Mon May 21 16:54:45 EDT 2007

> >If you have GHC-6.6 or greater, try: let n = 2 in GHC.Base.breakpoint ()
> GHC.Base.breakpoint doesn't work in the HEAD at the moment.  We might want to restore it; I'm not sure.  Since 
> breakpoints are almost everywhere, it didn't seem necessary. 

I don't understand the last sentence. Breakpoints didn't seem
necessary since they are almost everywhere?



> I don't currently have breakpoints in either 
> compiled code or expressions typed at the prompt, so you can't do exactly what Frederik was asking for, although 
> if the code is in a source file then it works fine.
> Instrumenting expressions typed at the prompt wouldn't be hard, I'll add that to the list.
> The documentation for the GHCi debugger is here, FYI:
> Cheers,
> 	Simon

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