optimization that doesn't make recompilation be needed more often?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon May 21 04:32:16 EDT 2007

Try -fomit-interface-pragmas

Regardless of optimisation level, this tells GHC to generate only *essential* info in interface files (notably type signatures).   That will kill all cross-module inlinings, but it will also dramatically reduce cross-module recompilation dependencies; in fact it'll reduce them back to the -Onot level.


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| Subject: optimization that doesn't make recompilation be needed more often?
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| Could there be a flag weaker than -O that doesn't cause recompilation
| any more than -O0 does -- would that provide any worthwhile
| optimizations?  (an intermediate speed-tradeoff option for haskell
| developers.)  Dependency on the details of modules never expected to be
| recompiled (e.g. base library, or any package not currently being
| compiled, but those are just heuristics) should be fine.
| Wondering,
| Isaac
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