GNUreadline.framework and GMP.framework

Christian Maeder maeder at
Sat May 19 05:38:13 EDT 2007

Christian Maeder schrieb:
> P.S. There is also a problem with the GNUreadline.framework in your home
> directory on Powerpcs only. When you link your own binaries you have to add
>  -optl-F$(HOME)/Library/Frameworks -optl-framework -optlGNUreadline
> to ghc's command line.

It's best to install the frameworks globally under /Library/Frameworks.
If the are installed locally in your home directory, they are not found
(without additional options like above) during link time. And this
applies to Intel and Powerpc.

(Frameworks in your home directory are found during execution, though.)

Maybe someone else knows how to set the Framework Search Path locally
for linking?

Cheers C.

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