ghc-6.6.1 win32 msi available

Sigbjorn Finne sof at
Wed May 9 18:39:45 EDT 2007

[My apologies for the long'ish e-mail, for Win9x users mostly..]

Someone sent an e-mail querying about Win9x compatibility, which
is something I forgot to take into account when building the 6.6.1
installer. To remedy, I've refreshed the installer to include a new
version that ought to work across a wider spectrum of MS OS
versions & releases --

Notice that since the GHC binary is now being linked with
a 'threaded' RTS, some non-Win9x compatible portions of the
Win32 API is being used & depended upon, causing DLL resolution
at startup to miserably fail.

To counter and workaround this, I've included bin/ghc-u.exe with
the refreshed installer, which is an unthreaded (and faster..) version
of the compiler (=> GHCi.) So, to get a working system under
Win9x, you'll need to either use "ghc-u" directly, or rename it
as ghc.exe (and, as a result, enable 'ghci.exe' usage.)

Also, as with ghc-6.6, if you intend to distribute your 6.6.1-compiled
code that uses the Win32 package, and have it work on Win9x
platforms, you'll need to include the Unicode API layer DLL, which
you'll find in bin/ as unicows.dll


On 5/8/2007 15:25, Sigbjorn Finne wrote:
> In case anyone's interested,
> contains a Windows installer for 6.6.1; most (all?) libraries/ are in 
> there;
> no C++ bits (sorry.)
> enjoy
> --sigbjorn
> [And, if it's your preference, a is also available from
> that same dir.]

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