GHC 6.6.1 Windows installer, test version

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed May 9 04:42:11 EDT 2007


> > GHC 6.6's installer (MSI) has three Installation Mode, Typical,
> > Custom, Complete. These mode doesn't work GHC 6.6's one, but some
> > other installer uses these Installation Mode, to suport install
> > options.
> Custom/complete: yes,  typical: no.  What on earth does "typical" mean?  The
> user has no idea whether it will install the features they need or not, so it's
> a meaningless option.

>From all I can tell, GHC 6.6 has all these options, but they all do
the same thing! If you select custom you can choose whether or not to
install "GHC", but thats as fine-grained as the control gets.

The options I was thinking off were:

* GHC (always required)
* Profiling libraries
* HTML documentation
* Register .hs and .lhs extensions
* Set the GHC %PATH%
* Set the Cabal %PATH%

With the Complete (recommended and default) install being all of them,
Minimal (lacking HTML and profiling) and custom for anything else.



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