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Cristian Perfumo cperfumo at
Tue May 8 10:00:37 EDT 2007

Some days ago I sent an email to the list asking about the reason why I
couldn't run my programs with the "-Nx" RTS option even if I compiled them
with -threaded.
AH! by the way, the architecture is ia64 (Itanium).
Today I realized that when I ./configure, a preprocessor variable called
"NOSMP" is defined and it disallows the multiple OS threads (the -Nx
Looking a bit deeper I figured out that there's no Itanium version for the
functions xchg (exchange), cas (compare-and-swap) and write_barrier in the
header file SMP.h (includes/SMP.h) so there's no way that the holy -N option
is available.
My question is: is it enough to implement xchg, cas and write_barrier for
ia64 to make multiple OSthreads available on ia64? If not, what else should
be implemented/changed?
Cristian Perfumo
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