Installing GHC on sidux/debian

Daniel Fischer at
Fri Mar 16 10:10:59 EDT 2007

> Hi Daniel.
> I haven't used rpm based systems very much. So this might not help you
> ..
Unfortunately not. If sidux were rpm-based, I might not have these problems.
On my SuSE at home I'm a happy ghc-user. Now, I'm visiting my brother, he's a bleeding-edge junkie and his most recent bleeding edge is sidux (branched off kanotix with the express aim to be extra edgy). Since I'll stay for more than a weekend, I want my Haskell here, too.

I "apt-get install"ed ghc, got no errors, but can't run it, because sidux has no, which ghc needs.

So I tried to install a, first via the compatibility package linked from the ghc-page.
No success, complained about unfulfilled dependencies like ldconfig, though all mentioned dependencies ARE installed here (at least, locate finds them). 

Tried apt-get install libreadline4, couldn't find a candidate for installation (probably too old :-(, I'm half astonished that sidux is not past

So, any debian-users out there, how did you get installed?
Maybe that would work for sidux, too.

> Try using ldd on you ghc binary to see all dll dependencies.
ldd says: not a dynamic executable

> Perhaps this gives you some info why the libraries aren't found.
> In general you can try using tools like to find missing
> packages.
Found plenty, but:
Just can't find one which I can install here...

> If libraries aren't found running ldconfig might help. This recreates
> all symlinks.
> But perhaps the most easiest way is trying to make your sidux box using
> debian package repositories (don't know wether this messes up your
> system) as I think the ghc rpm package was compiled and tested with
> them.
> You might also try installig ghc from source (you need another ghc
> binary install first to bootstrap) You can find documentation about how
> to install from source on the ghc site.

No ghc here, yet, once I have, I WILL build from source.

> If really everythig else fails you can also create a new environment
> containing another os (such as debian) eg by using user mode linux.
> (Then you need some more disk space)
Maybe I can persuade my brother to get a decent linux installation, like SuSE or RedHat, where you can just install rpm's and be done.
> Do you have any recent ghc running?
> Good luck
> Marc


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