Progress building unregisterised for FreeBSD/amd64

Gregory Wright gwright at
Tue Mar 13 17:18:42 EDT 2007

Hi Ian,

I have made some progress.  Today I got 6.4.2 to build unregisterized on
my FreeBSD/amd64 box.  I went back to 6.4.2 because the only actual  
of success I could find record of was Wilhelm Kloke's.  He used 6.4.1.

I made certain I had exactly the same versions of readline and gmp on  
machines.  This might not be necessary, but it's one less thing that  
go wrong.  I also downgraded my ghc to 6.4.2 on the host i386  
system.  Building
6.4.2 using 6.6 runs into trouble with the change in the mutable  
array API.

The 6.4.2 build now runs successfully to the end of the hc-build script.
I haven't installed it, but tried to build an out of the box 6.6 with  
the 6.4.2
ghc-inplace.  (I applied my patch to Linker.c so that the build  
wouldn't fail
merely because of undefined symbols.)  I also patched the mangler by  
"|freebsd" to rules for /^x86_64-.*-(linux|openbsd)$/.

The interesting thing is that out of the box using the 6.4.2  
bootstrap compiler,
6.6 still crashes when compiling Linker.c.  Not just a little crash;  
it hung the
whole system.  At that point it is using the ghc-inplace of 6.6.

On Mar 13, 2007, at 3:05 PM, Ian Lynagh wrote:

> This sounds like you are using the original 6.6? You're probably  
> better
> off trying to start from the 6.6 darcs branch instead (make a  
> tarball of
> a checkout (might as well run autoreconf first) so you can be sure you
> have the same source on both machines).

As I said, I'm using out of the box 6.6.  Should I try a 6.6 from darcs?

>> ../compiler/ghc-inplace -optc-O -optc-Wall -optc-W -optc-Wstrict-
>> prototypes -optc-Wmissing-prototypes -optc-Wmissing-declarations -
>> optc-Winline -optc-Waggregate-return -optc-Wbad-function-cast -optc-
>> I../includes -optc-I. -optc-Iparallel -optc-DCOMPILING_RTS -optc-
>> fomit-frame-pointer -optc-fno-strict-aliasing -H16m -O -optc-O2 -
>> static -I. -#include HCIncludes.h -fvia-C -dcmm-lint     -c  
>> Linker.c -
>> o Linker.o
>> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
>> gmake: *** [Linker.o] Error 139
>> gmake: Leaving directory `/tmp/ghc-6.6/rts'
> ../compiler/ghc-inplace has successfully compiled other files by this
> point, right?

Yes.  I've built the 6.6 compiler with the 6.4.2 bootstrap, and the  
6.6 has built everything up until Linker.c.  Then crash, burn,  
smoking ruin.

> It probably won't help, but what does it say if you add -v?
> I suspect the next step is to try gdb and see what it says, though. It
> might be necessary to repeat the build with -g -O0 in GhcHcOpts or  
> other
> variables (be wary of hc-build trampling changes you make to
> mk/
> It might even be useful to tweak the process so that you end up with a
> -debug ghc (in fact, this should probably be the default). I don't  
> have
> instructions for how to do this, but I've done it in the past and  
> don't
> remember any major difficulties. Basically stick "SRC_HC_OPTS += - 
> debug"
> in compiler/Makefile and fix any problems that come up (you might need
> to do things like "make WAY=debug" in rts/, and modify the list of  
> files
> that get put in the tarball).

I can add -v.  Should I try to build a vanilla 6.6 with debugging or  
one out
of darcs?  Which would be more useful?

Thanks for your help.

> Thanks
> Ian

Best Wishes,

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