Haskell API for memory useage

Bernie Pope bjpop at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Sat Mar 10 09:41:32 EST 2007

I once write a little thing called HighWaterMark:


It is GHC specific, and it doesn't count memory allocated by foreign stuff
(ie C stack etc).

I haven't tried it out on a modern GHC, so there is probably some bit rot.


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> Hi,
> Haskell has getCPUTime to get the amount of CPU Time that has been
> consumed, but has no equivalent for memory use. I would like to get
> something similar to -RTS -t, but from a Haskell program. I'm not
> overly fussed about what memory statistic I get, as long as it is
> something that corresponds in some way to the amount of memory that
> has been used - cells, heap size, live heap etc are all fine.
> So, I'm after something like: getMemoryUse :: IO Integer
> Is there anything I can use to do this?
> Thanks
> Neil
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