Building unregisterised for FreeBSD/amd64

Gregory Wright gwright at
Fri Mar 2 17:39:16 EST 2007

Hi Christian,

On Mar 2, 2007, at 11:40 AM, Christian Maeder wrote:

> Gregory Wright schrieb:
>> cabal fails to build because it requires HSrts.  This aborts the  
>> library
>> build
>> leaving me with an incomplete set of libraries.
>> Is there a simple way to tell the build not to make cabal?
> I think you can simply delete Cabal from:
> SUBDIRS = ...
> of libraries/Makefile
> HTH Christian

Deleting Cabal from SUBDIRS=... in libraries/Makefile fixes one probelm,
but then the build fails because of a later dependency on Cabal when  

	$ cd ../compiler
	$ gmake boot stage=2 && gmake stage=2

Removing the Cabal dependency from compiler/Makefile and the associated
package.conf.* files doesn't help because compiler/main/CodeOutput.lhs
depends on Distribution.Package for showPackageId.

Is the best course just to give up on 6.6 and go back to 6.4.2, then
use 6.4.2 to bring up 6.6?

It seems odd that Cabal is so deeply intertwined with the compiler that
you can't build the compiler without it.  Does anyone know if this is  
or unavoidable, or did incremental hacking just get us here by accident?

Best Wishes,

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