How to debug a segfault.

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Thu Mar 1 05:02:57 EST 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-28 at 09:32 -0800, David Brown wrote:

> However, what I missed is that the hsc2hs target files are placed
> alongside the source, not in the dist directory.  I had been building
> zlib on x86 using the hs generated on an amd64 machine.  The offsets
> in the structures were wrong.

Ohh, nasty.

> How difficult would it be to have Cabal store the target files in the
> 'dist' directory with everything else?  This also makes revision
> control a little more challenging, because I have to hand-pick a few
> select .hs files to ignore, since the rest of my code is sitting right
> next to them.

That would be good. I don't suppose it's too hard, after all we put
other generated modules in dist (the paths module). We then just have to
add more -i search dirs.

I'd be happy to review cabal patches along these lines.

[ On the plus side, I'm glad it wasn't a bug in my zlib binding :-) ]


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