64-bit windows version? (Haskell is a scripting language too!)

Greg Fitzgerald garious at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 22:02:53 EDT 2007

> each sub-project...have a...Haskell program...building that sub-project

I was trying to build something like this recently but hit a roadblock.
Rather than execute the script in each directory, I wanted to import it as a
module instead.  This way you can, for example, pass functions, like a
logger, to a function in the imported module.  Also, rather than execute the
script immediately, you can combine many sub-projects into a big graph, have
a look at common dependencies and use Concurrent Haskell to parallelize the

Unfortunately, the imported module needs to have the line "module
X.Y.Zwhere", which means the file needs to be aware of its parent
directories.  I
think that's too harsh a constraint, and makes it a pain to move things
around (true in everyday Haskell projects with local modules too!).

My plan for a workaround was to try to use a preprocessor, but would really
rather avoid that if anyone else has any ideas.

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