64-bit windows version?

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Wed Jun 20 11:32:50 EDT 2007

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Neil Mitchell wrote:
> Typically MS tools are
> well packaged and even if there is a click through license, it usually
> involves checking a box and clicking next. I can't believe that anyone
> is going to have any difficulty installing Visual Studio express.

I would have some difficulty, because I would feel obliged to read the
license first and decide whether it felt acceptable for me to agree to.
 That's the same reason I haven't started up iTunes on my MacBook -
reading the general Apple-software license was tiring enough!  This is
one place GNU/Linux/(other Free systems) really shine, even compared to
OS X: you don't have to explicitly accept a click-through license the
first time you start everything up (iterated for every new installation
and computer, and they don't tell you whether it's the same version of
the license that you read earlier). (Copyright doesn't require you to
click to agree; I've already read the GPL and a few other Free licenses;
and I trust the FSF's judgment in what freedoms the other miscellaneous
Free licenses grant.)

But I guess that doesn't matter to "most" Windows users... even if
they're developers of FOSS ... ?

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