ForeignPtr and -threaded

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Subject: Re: ForeignPtr and -threaded
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 09:22:01 +0100

> That's a documentation bug. In the HEAD it says:
> newForeignPtr :: FinalizerPtr a -> Ptr a -> IO (ForeignPtr a)
> -- ^Turns a plain memory reference into a foreign pointer, and
> -- associates a finaliser with the reference.  The finaliser will be executed
> -- after the last reference to the foreign object is dropped.  Note that there
> -- is no guarantee on how soon the finaliser is executed after the last
> -- reference was dropped; this depends on the details of the Haskell storage
> -- manager.  Indeed, there is no guarantee that the finalizer is executed at
> -- all; a program may exit with finalizers outstanding.  (This is true
> -- of GHC, other implementations may give stronger guarantees).

Uh, ok... Thank you for your information.

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