ghci confused by hi files

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Mon Jan 22 17:05:13 EST 2007

I wrote:
>> I have observed the following weird behavior:
>> ...ghci's ability to recognize the
>> methods of the class seems to vary depending
>> on whether or not hi files exist for the modules.

Daniel Fischer wrote:
> Pertinent to this is section 3.4.3 of the user's guide, "What's really in
> scope at the prompt".
> For compiled modules, only the exports of these are in scope.
> So this is documented behaviour.

OK, thanks, I see that now. But I would have only expected
that to apply to modules that are _only_ compiled. If the
source code is also available, why should I be penalized
for compiling it?

Preferring the source code over the compiled code by
default would be much more convenient for iterative
debugging. But if that cannot be the default, it would
be nice if it were at least an option.


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