HDirect and GHC-6.6

Fernand Lacas quarantedeux42 at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 17 07:51:08 EST 2007


Here are some details on my building of HDirect with ghc-6.6, and where I am stuck.
Skipping details about deprecated libs (such as IOExts) and some name conflicts (NativeInfo), I succeeded in building the "ihc.exe", the "hdirect" and "com" libs.
I installed the "com" lib as a package on my system:

$ ghc-pkg.exe list
    [...] com-0.22, fgl-5.2, (ghc-6.6),  [...]

$ ghc-pkg.exe describe com
name: com
version: 0.22
exposed: True
exposed-modules: AutoPrim Automation ClassFactory Com ComDll
                 ComException ComPrim ComServ Connection ConnectionPoint
                 EnumInterface ExeServer HDirect Pointer PointerPrim SafeArray
                 StdDispatch StdTypes TypeLib WideString
extra-libraries: kernel32 user32 ole32 oleaut32 advapi32

From here, I tried to bootstrap the ihc compiler with the support for typelibs.
$ cd ../src
$ rm -f *.o

But the "make depend" fails : 
ghc -M -optdep-f -optdep.depend  -optdep-o -optdepo -cpp -DBEGIN_SUPPORT_TYPELIB
UPPORT_TYPELIBS='-}' -package com   -fglasgow-exts -static -fvia-C -Rghc-timing
-Wall  -package com     AbsHUtils.lhs AbstractH.lhs Attribute.lhs Bag.lhs BasicT
ypes.lhs CStubGen.lhs CgMonad.lhs CodeGen.lhs CoreIDL.lhs CoreUtils.lhs DefGen.l
hs Desugar.lhs DsMonad.lhs Env.lhs FiniteMap.lhs GetOpt.lhs HugsCodeGen.lhs IDLS
yn.lhs IDLToken.lhs IDLUtils.lhs ImportLib.lhs JavaProxy.lhs Lex.lhs LexM.lhs Li
bUtils.lhs Literal.lhs Main.lhs MarshallAbstract.lhs MarshallAuto.lhs MarshallCo
re.lhs MarshallDep.lhs MarshallEnum.lhs MarshallFun.lhs MarshallJNI.lhs Marshall
JServ.lhs MarshallMethod.lhs MarshallMonad.lhs MarshallServ.lhs MarshallStruct.l
hs MarshallType.lhs MarshallUnion.lhs MarshallUtils.lhs MkImport.lhs NameSupply.
lhs NormaliseType.lhs Opts.lhs PP.lhs PpAbstractH.lhs PpCore.lhs PpIDLSyn.lhs Pr
eProc.lhs Pretty.lhs Rename.lhs RnMonad.lhs Skeleton.lhs SrcLoc.lhs SymbolTable.
lhs TLBWriter.lhs TypeInfo.lhs Utils.lhs Validate.lhs CustomAttributes.hs Parser
.hs Version.hs OmgParser.hs NativeInfo.hs

    Could not find module `TypeLib':

I do not understand why "TypeLib" is not found, as it is included in the "com" package.
This may be a newbie's question, excuse me if it has been answered millions of time.

Sincerely yours,


PS : if I use the option in the src/Makefile, which consists in using "-i../comlib" and other flags instead of "-package com", the "make depend" works, but the following make fails as follows :

ghc -fglasgow-exts -static -fvia-C -Rghc-timing -Wall  -i../lib -L../lib -I../lib -i../comlib -lole32 -loleaut32 -ladvapi32    -c ../comlib/AutoPrim.hs -o ../comlib/AutoPrim.o -osuf o
../comlib/AutoPrim.hs:69:0: Invalid type signature

Hope this helps.


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