rfc: colorized Haskell on GHC-Trac

Peter Tanski p.tanski at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 16:44:06 EST 2007

To anyone who has an interest in reading GHC-Trac:

In an idle-procrastination moment I started to experiment with html- 
colour for Haskell code (using hscolour) on a few Trac pages:

     (some blocks, note Cyan-colour for literal integrals ("1"))
     (one-line snippets)
     (large blocks)

What do you think?  Better? Worse? Would you rather see a silver/grey  
background as for other code?  Personally I tend to prefer the Orange  
for top-level function definitions but don't quite know about orange- 
colour functions as they are used.  Most of this is close to emacs- 
colour codes.

For those who are interested in playing around, the easy way to do  
this is:
demarcate a code block:
	<font color=Orange>topLevelFunction</font> ...

Peter Tanski

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