ghci attempts to link entire package

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at
Thu Jan 4 11:11:23 EST 2007

> From: Bayley, Alistair 
> The result is that a user of Takusen can't easily use the 
> library with ghci/runhaskell "out of the box", unless they 
> have the full set of DBMS client libraries installed.

I forgot to mention that there's another difference between ghci and gnu
ld: if the external library is called libxx.dll, rather than xx.dll
(which is the convention on Windows, it seems), then gnu ld is still
able to locate & link to it when you say -lxx, but ghci fails to find
it. You have to say -llibxx to ghci for it to work.

This also makes distributing the Takusen library as a single package
awkward, because
 1. the cabal installation detects the presence of the library and
configures the package with the -lxx option
 2. ghc --make passes -lxx to gnu ld, which is nice...
 3. ... but ghci tries to use -lxx also, and fails.

So PostgreSQL users can't use ghci with the installed package unless
they're willing to re-configure/build/install and change the -l option
to from -lpq to -llibpq, which breaks normal compilation with ghc,
because gnu ld can't find the library when you say -llibpq.

(This affects the PostgreSQL client library on Windows, which is called

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