bad interface file - how to track error down?

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Feb 19 07:52:51 EST 2007

Marc Weber wrote:

> test.hs:2:0:
>     Bad interface file: /usr/local/lib/mwutil-0.1/ghc-6.6/MW/OldNew.hi
> 	Something is amiss; requested module  mwutil-0.1:MW.OldNew differs from
> 	name found in the interface file mwutil:MW.OldNew

The package has been compiled with '-package-name mwutil', but for GHC 6.6 you 
want '-package-name mwutil-0.1'.   I suspect that you might be using an old 
version of Cabal - it was fixed to do this in the version shipped with 6.6, but 
older versions might not work correctly.  Recompile your setup script?


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