size of snapshot archive

Stefan O'Rear stefanor at
Sun Feb 18 15:29:16 EST 2007

On Sun, Feb 18, 2007 at 10:19:05PM +0200, Dinko Tenev wrote:
> On 2/18/07, Bulat Ziganshin <bulat.ziganshin at> wrote:
> >
> >Hello glasgow-haskell-users,
> >
> >i'm tried to download newer snapshot of 6.6 and found that now it's
> >74 mb! why it is so large and why it's so enlarged after 6.6 release?
> >isn't it possible to reduce size of this package?
> >
> >
> Does this include darcs version info?  I've noticed that darcs generates
> suspiciously large quantities of "context" info for very small patches (e.g.
> ~7000 lines of "context" for a ~700 line patch) -- for what I've seen so
> far, the "context" section might be growing linearly with the file's
> history.

Darcs send packs data much tighter than darcs itself does, and the results
are highly compressable. I have a HEAD tree, obtained with "./darcs-all --extra
get --complete" (you're not misreading that); darcs sending everything (incl.
subrepositoried) into an empty repo, and 7zipping the patch bundles, produces
a single 28mbyte file containing the entire history of ghc+extralibs. (I still
have the file but can't share - 10mb webhost quota)

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