Become a GHC build slave!

Richard Giraud richardg at
Sat Feb 3 19:43:56 EST 2007


I have a G4 PowerPC Mac Mini and an AMD 64 bit box that I can "donate" 
to the cause.

What OS would be the most useful on the G4?  Mac OS X?  Linux?  BSD? 
QNX (not sure if it's supported)?

What OS would be the most useful on the AMD box?  BSD?  QNX?  Or 
something else?


Simon Marlow wrote:
> Thanks largely to Ian Lynagh, GHC now has a BuildBot infrastructure to 
> automate nightly builds on multiple platforms.  This replaces the old 
> set of shell scripts that we used to run nightly builds; now adding new 
> clients to the setup is relatively easy, instructions are here:
> So far we have various Windows builds running, and I'll be moving over 
> the existing Linux nightly builds in due course.
> If you have a spare machine or a machine that is idle overnight, and 
> you'd like to use it to run automated GHC builds, then please take a 
> look at the above page for how to get started.  We especially need 
> platforms that we don't use regularly (i.e. not Windows or 
> Linux/x86/x86_64).
> Cheers,
>     Simon
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